Jerry B.


You sit with me
make conversation
'bout things you need
and grandness of your personality

because of you
your team plays first division
and right on cue,
your here to improve my life

every girl next to you
seems so plain
so familiar
you are the king and boss and savior


stop talking to me
I don't want to hear how great you think to be


you think you are a killer, a winner
a player, a gamer
a very special type of a guy
no one can beat you or mime you
the heat of your body
is melting the world's ice


you dance with me
a great performance
smile at each girl
although they are the not worth your time

oh yes indeed
they seem to love you
new justin b.
conceited - here on earth to shine

you're so grand
we're so void
you're so cool
we are dreary
to hear you speak is damn weary