Sitting in a lonely room
The things behind I left outside.
Waiting for the answer,
So tell me your reasons.
You're a liar you're a thief,
Stole my time my breath my words.
I don't want you near me.
So please get out of my mind.
Get out of my mind.


Waiting at the end for a train, which never comes.
The same old friends telling me to calm down.
Please keep me down.
You're not worth it.
Say these words so loud that
Everyone, everywhere can hear the sense I feel.


In my head, just mashed up thoughts.
I try to keep them in control,
But all I do is stumble.
You hit me, I'm falling.
I have better things to do, but sit here waiting for your talk.
Don't wanna hear your reasons.
So just get out of my mind.
Get out of my mind.